Super Easy & Healthy Breakfast Pancakes




Coconut oil or some other mild vegetable oil for frying (for not so healthy option you can also use butter)

On top:


  1. Blend the pancake ingredients together until smooth. If you want, you can season the pancakes for example with vanilla or cardamom.
  2. Heat up a pancake pan. You can use big pan for crepes-like size or traditional pancake pan for small ones.
  3. Add a small drop of the coconut oil on the pan. Pour some pancake batter into the pan. When the pancake has a nice golden colour, turn and cook on the other side as well. Repeat with the remaining batter.
  4. Mix some peanut butter, a drip of honey and a few tbsp of water together until the peanut butter is runny and has some nice sweetness in it.
  5. Place the pancakes on the plate and pour some runny peanut butter on top! Finish with fresh berries like blueberries!