Dark chocolate clementines

Citrus fruits are in season and oh how good clementines taste right now! They’re my favourite snack at the moment and I always go buy big bags of those during this time of the year. They’re also perfect for sweet but healthy treats. Just cover them with dark chocolate and finish with some sea salt or crushed nuts and you have yummy treats to enjoy!

In this recipe I wanted to try tempering chocolate for the first time to avoid it softening in room temperature and making it snap while biting. For easier version skip the tempering and make super quick clementine candies with melted chocolate!

Dark Chocolate Clementines


Clementine slices
Dark Chocolate
Sea salt flakes
Crushed pistachios



If you want to make the easy version, skip the tempering and just melt the chocolate!

If you want to try tempering the chocolate, you need a thermometer to measure the temperature. Remember that in this recipe you don’t have to take tempering too seriously, you’re not making any complicated chocolate decorations for a cake. So if the tempering doesn’t work, the taste is still delicious!

Chop the chocolate into even pieces and melt up the chocolate in a double boiler or use a metal bowl on top of a sauce pan filled with water until the temperature reaches 48-50°C. Take the bowl off the heat and start mixing until the temperature drops to 27-28°C. Place the bowl again on top of a sauce pan with hot water and warm up until 31-32°C. Be careful not to warm it up too much. After the third phase the chocolate is ready to use!

Dip the clementine slices in the chocolate and place on aa cooling rack. Drizzle sea salt flakes or crushed pistachios (or other nuts of your choice).

Set aside to cool and set and enjoy later as a snack or dessert!


Author: Viola Minerva

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